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Sony Ericsson K550 Review


Sony Ericsson K550 Review

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Furthermore, you can add text and a picture to the alarm as well as set its behavior in case the time that the alarm is due to go off comes while the
phone is in silent mode.

The Voice recorder doesn’t have any limit in the duration of the recordings since all the free memory is available for the purposes of the application. The Calculator is the regular Sony Ericsson one, which you have probably already seen. It offers the basic functions with no bells and whistles.

Some other applications include the MusicDJ, VideoDJ and the Music Mate. VideoDJ is for making video clips from scratch or for editing existing recording using special transition effects and by adding background music. It can be a very amusing application. MusicDJ is a very simple application for creating custom polyphonic melodies.

A couple of fresh new games:

The two games preinstalled in our test Sony Ericsson K550 are new and we haven’t seen them on previous Sony Ericsson models. The first one is the Fruit Fall. You aim is to gather all the fruits of any given type in one place by rotating their enclosure. Once you gather all the fruits beside each other they disappear and that would ultimately lead to completing the level. The second game is a remake of the famous Worms game. This time it’s not about weapons and battles but about golf. The game is called Worms Golf – and the aim here is simple too. Throw your grenade into the opponent’s hole with as little consecutive throws as possible. Both the games are amusing and offer a nice pastime.

Final words:

Well the Sony Ericsson K550 left us somewhat bewildered – the Cyber-shot branding seems more of a marketing move than a new strong player in the cameraphones lineup. The camera shows nice performance but is yet incapable of outranking the Sony Ericsson K750.

Well, summing it up, it seems as always, that if the price is right, the Sony Ericsson might just win the hearts of the fans. The decent camera, the memory card slot, the good battery life and the Flight mode are things that are not easily found in other midrange solutions. So, if you are looking for those, the Sony Ericsson might just be your next mobile gadget.

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