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Nokia Lumia Icon Review


Nokia Lumia Icon Review



Nokia Lumia Icon is all in one package which has multimedia, large memory, crisp sound, nice reception and sleek design. This phone has a nice shape and it is easy to grip. Body is made up of fine material and it is very beautifully crafted. In fact, the objectives of Nokia seem to have been pitched too high. Who can hold the phone in their hands can look forward to a very attractive design: simple, yet modern. Phone comes with a nice border and the battery cover made of made of fine material which is not prone to early scratches. Weight is pretty reasonable you will find it good even if its in your pants pocket. It is easy to carry and you will not feel this handset a burden in your hands due to its balanced weight and shape. The phone is quite slim and it feels great in your hand. SIM card jack is easy to operate. Inserting and ejecting SIM card is as easy as it gets.


One reason is the display size which is pretty reasonable for a fine view. Colors are quite bright that presents a nice viewing experience and you will love watching your favorite images and videos on it. Display is so crisp and fine that will give a comfortable viewing experience. Size is quite useful too it is not that huge or that small either. Screen navigation is very beautiful and clear and you won’t feel any flickers in it. Menu items are nicely mixed up and arranged in a fine manner.

Buttons and Keypad

Shortcut keys are there that you can customize as per your needs. It is easy to type Sms and scrolling through menus is easy and user friendly. Buttons are sleek, soft and feel nice on your finger. Buttons are placed as you won’t feel any issue in typing. Keypad of phone is nice to use. You can type characters with ease and you will love using it for texting and writing e-mails. Keypad keys are nicely shaped and it will be easy to operate for you.

Sound and Signal Quality

Phone signal quality is really good nice reception and you won’t find any difficulty in hearing. There will be no glitches if your network is up to the mark. Music is a treat in this set you will enjoy loud stereo music by earphones or your handset speakers. No distortion in sound either you are listening music or receiving or dialing calls.


Gone are those days when cell phone was used for only calling. Nowadays a nice integrated digital camera in your cell phone is a must. Nokia Lumia Icon is blessed with a digital camera that you can use for video recording or taking some sharp high resolution images. Pictures can be zoom to an extent with zoom feature and it won’t loose its quality. You can share those images with high confidence among your friends and everybody will love it. Video recording is very good too you can record long videos with good quality. You can share videos made with your Nokia mobile with anyone. Video recording in good quality makes this phone a favorite for video makers who love to use their mobile for recording some memorable moments.


Additional memory in the form of SD card is with this phone that will add up to the internal memory that it possess. Sms memory and phonebook entries have lots of room and you can keep a reasonable amount of Sms stored in your phone and a long list of contacts.


A fine phone that is filled with nice multimedia features suits all the needs of modern day mobile phone user because these days cell phone is not only a calling or texting device it is your fun partner that you will use everytime you gets bored. A very handy mobile phone and it will fulfill your multimedia and business needs.



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