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Apple iPhone 5c Review


Apple iPhone 5c Review

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It’s able to survive a full day of heavy use, including around an hour of streaming video over 4G, lengthy stretches of web browsing and all notifications unrestricted.

However, you certainly won’t get two full days’ use out of the iPhone 5C unless you put in some serious battery-saving tactics. We also noticed some fairly inconsistent periods of battery drain, which we'll put down to bugs and currently under-optimised parts of iOS that will likely be fixed in future updates.

Call Quality & Connectivity

The most basic elements of a phone are these days the least talked-about. Call quality these days is limited mostly by the ropey quality of traditional phone calls, but the iPhone 5C makes the most of it. The earpiece speaker is loud and clear, and we experienced no dropped calls during our testing.

Apple fixed the connectivity issues that a metal-bodied phone can cause, but the new plastic iPhone 5C shouldn't really be susceptible to them at all. The phone is also fairly future-proofed in terms of its mobile internet skills.

In its place, Apple has introduced AirDrop. This doesn't offer any of the wireless payments potential of NFC, but it does let you easily transfer information between new Apple devices using a custom implentation of Wi-Fi Direct. AirDrop only came to iPhones with iOS 7, but has been around in MacBooks for a little while.

Internal Speaker & Music

iOS 7 also sees Apple give its music player a spruce-up. However, it’s really just a stylistic re-working that ultimately doesn’t change how the app works - it's just a touch version of the classic iPod nav interface.

The internal speaker appears to be a similar, if not the same, model used in the iPhone 5. Five little holes on the bottom of the iPhone 5C act as the speaker grille.

It’s not a fantastic speaker, and tends to sound harsh and strained at top volume – albeit a mite less so than the iPhone 5, potentially because of its different internal structure and use of a plastic outer instead of aluminium. However, top volume is decent and at lower volumes detail is reasonable for a micro-speaker.

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