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Sony Xperia E dual Review


Sony Xperia E dual Review

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The Sony Xperia E Dual is a dual sim phone from Sony that has just been announced recently. Almost every other brand in the market has a dual sim phone. A dual sim phone is very useful to a lot of people because they do not need two phones anymore to get the messages or calls that are important from people from another network. Not everyone stays in the same network and instead of suffering from using two phones, people prefer to have two sims in one phone to make life much simpler.

The Xperia E dual is expected to be a low end smart phone because its specifications are not very impressive. The standard for a middle range smart phone today is a 5MP camera with flash which this phone does not have. The Xperia E only has a 3.15MP camera which is fairly decent but it can be useless when there is not enough light. The video capabilities of this phone is acceptable but it cannot be compared to other phones with better specs, especially those with much bigger and better screens. The display of the phone only has 256K colors and with less than 165K pixel density, one cannot expect HD video quality just like other phones on this category.

The phone only has a single core 1GHz processor which can cause problems especially with the Jelly Bean operating system. While the Jelly Bean operating system is better than Gingerbread, the experience will not be as smooth as most people would want because even with just the Gingerbread operating system, these single core phones are having trouble functioning fast. But the Jelly Bean operating system is an advantage of the Xperia E dual from other phones. The RAM of the Xperia E is only 512MB. A lot of users can get disappointed when this phone lags which will probably happen often because of its less than impressive hardware.

This phone has an impressive battery. Its battery life is expected to last you at least a day which can be a good thing. You can take as much texts and calls as you need from both sims in the phone and your battery will not die in the middle of the die. This phone can be very useful during a busy day.

The Sony Xperia E dual is not the perfect dual sim phone but it is good enough. Sony loyalists will surely be glad that there is a dual sim phone for them from their favorite brand, but people who do not care about brands have other options might op for another brand with the same dual sim features. This phone is a great addition to the Sony line of phones but they could have done so much better. If it costs much less than the competing phones in the same category, the Sony Xperia E Dual might just be able to do well.


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