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Motorola Motoluxe XT389 Review


Motorola Motoluxe XT389 Review

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Motorola Motoluxe is one of the three smart phones announced by Motorola. Many a smart phone are available in the market and there is a kind of race that has started among the companies to launch better and improved phones to the customers. We see features of these phones going up with every new launch. Onwards we will be having a quick look at the features of Motoluxe.

First Look

It is a bar phone with the regular type of appearance of typical Motorola smart phones. There is a large display screen which is capacitive in nature and multi touch feature which lets the user do use pinch-to-zoom feature. However we did not feel any kind of protection over the screen which is not a desirable thing to have. Right below the display screen there are touch sensitive controls where from you can access to home page and search screen.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

For internet connectivity there is Wi-Fi feature besides GPRS and EGDE. Amazing thing about this phone is the Wi-Fi hotspot feature also using which you can share you internet with the friends around you. Yes! Internet can also be shared and your mobile phone becomes the router letting other people use it.

Blazing Performance

This mobile has incorporated a 800 MHz processor and 512 of RAM along with the graphic processing unit which makes your phone run smoother and the user can enjoy downloading and installing lots of application.


Turn it back and you will find a 3.15MP camera which is not a giant one but good enough to let you capture image and make videos in reasonable quality. If your network supports video calls then this phone may become a cause of disappointment to you as there is front facing camera.

It is a cool gadget with appealing features but like many other smart phones it also has some drawbacks which we would be happy to share with you. There is no radio, no front camera, rare camera is also not very impressive, there is no protection on the screen and its battery time is also not very extensive.


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