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Sony Xperia go Review


Sony Xperia go Review

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Nobody is unaware of the reputation of Sony. Sony Corporation has a tradition to constantly innovate. Their innovation is their greatest motivation. For any successful organization it is very important that the culture of the organization is widely accepted and shared among all the employees of the organization. Sony has always been proud of its R&D (research and development) department. This department has proven to be the backbone of Sony electronics. To fulfill this dream Sony allocates huge portions of its profits to the R&D department. Though we haven’t been able to hold this cell phone still in our hands but we can surely say that it would be having remarkable features.

Sony Xperia go has some wonderful features and specifications. It has a beautiful display with a Scratch resistant glass and a dust and water proof feature. This is something unique and interesting for the users. This will surely attract those who admire such extra features in their cell phones. Sony Xperia go has a 5 mega pixels camera to provide its customers with a superb camera experience. Its camera is equipped with some awesome features which further will make you fall in love with it. Those who want to have a nice camera in a beautifully designed cell phone with all the possible features should consider Sony Xperia go as a product of their dreams.

The gadget has not yet landed in the market but the initial designs that are provided by the company reveal it to be an extremely slim and stylish with a broad and wider look. The prime attraction of Sony Xperia go is definitely going to be the latest Android 4 operating system. This operating system has previously been introduced in Samsung Galaxy Nexus. To provide full support to this operating system it would be having a 1 GHz dual core processor which is quite capable of giving an awesome performance.


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