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LG Rumor Reflex Review


LG Rumor Reflex Review

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A unveiled mobile for Sprint and Boost subscribers, is named as LG Rumor Reflex, a striking QWERTY mobile. Although, the specs are typically the same but its impressive style and design has been appreciated by the Sprint subscribers. It is idyllic, appealing and truly meant for easy chatting. There is nothing special in Rumor Reflex mobile to compare it with other Smart phones, being an ordinary gadget it is the best option for mid-range community.

Design & Style

The only section that contains words of appreciation for this mobile phone is its sleek designing and good manufacturing. LG Rumor Reflex is a QWERTY keyboard mobile that allows you to type messages and emails with ease and comfort by pressing soft buttons. By flipping the front screen, you will find soft QWERTY keyboard and it looks like a tiny laptop on your palm. There is also a touch screen portion of 3 inches on its screen for operating different functions without the keyboard by reviving the front screen to its normal position. This handsome LG Reflex mobile phone is available in delightful Titan Grey color.

Camera & Multimedia

You will never appreciate the pictures that are captured through its camera of only 2MP. But that’s not a big loophole for LG Rumor Reflex as the company had to keep its budget at breakeven point while manufacturing this mobile phone for mediocre people. Moreover, multimedia features miss WLAN; you cannot enjoy higher speed internet connection for browsing. The normal features of Bluetooth and USB port are available to send and retrieve data with other high-tech devices.


LG Rumor Reflex is not a GSM device; therefore, it does not work on any GSM device worldwide. The CDMA technology has applied some limit on calls which are made through this mobile. These calls drop when the sound quality or signal strength are weak. You can save multimedia files in an external memory card up to 32 GB capacity.

The device is a unification of ordinary features that are well suited to its price tag. It is more stylish than the previous models and fantabulous to be included in the top position of mobiles with similar features.


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