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Samsung C3350 Review


Samsung C3350 Review

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Samsung has expanded its rugged phone lineup with a new candybar handset, dubbed Samsung C3350. This new member of the Xcover family is a budget phone with standard technical specifications, designed for people who work in rough environments.


In a market flooded by slim and stylish cell phones, the new Samsung C3350 rugged phone appears slightly out of place. The simple candybar body with an alphanumeric keypad will not appeal to customers who prefer a sleek device.

The proprietary operating system of Samsung is integrated in the device. This is not a mobile device for playing graphic intense games or running high-end applications. Armed with the IP67 certificate, Samsung C3350 could withstand a wide range of adverse environmental conditions. The functions of the phone will not be affected even when the phone accidentally slips from your hand on a hard surface or in a shallow pool. The rugged device could withstand water pressure for up to 30 minutes. The dust resistant coating of the cell phone ensures that it can be used in dusty locations such as construction sites.


Samsung C3350 sports a 2.2-inch display with 240×320 pixels resolution. The display is designed for exhibiting standard definition images.


The 2-megapixel camera might not appeal to shutterbugs. Nonetheless, occasionally, you can use the camera for snapping stills or recording videos.


The built-in music player of Samsung C3350 would support audio files in prominent formats. Although, the small screen of the phone might not display outstanding images, but you can try watching videos on the cell phone.


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