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LG T515 Cookie Duo Review


LG T515 Cookie Duo Review

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We model the placement of icons, themes and features of the LG seems to be social. To say that the top. Industry that it is either not cost you anything Cookie Duo. Characters in it are larger. I resized according to the human eye. I had the most letters. The author uses a small and young enough to it. Together to end a little. Let me illustrate features and ease of use to me. The gallery is also suitable for viewing over the landscape. LG is changing the landscape for me without having to rely on the sensor. Or in social networking, you can press Options, then choose to share images on the fly without opening the application.

Highlights for LG this model is to use two SIM cards, as already mentioned in the model. When the menu is a dual SIM card, set the Group is set to the SIM card is a bit like changing the icon color changes to control the power to use or not use the number they have. The default setting for applications may be broken down according to the menu. This really is not anything complicated. Browser on the Internet, we know enough to do me. Do not talk about anything that's flash player. The site is generally well done. You can scroll through the various sections. There may be some delay, but it's enough to be understood as a feature phone.

Internet use is already there. Simply set the device to be able to use Wi-Fi. Now, we will do it for free. As I put them on their Facebook or Twitter, as well as Live Messenger there is a high-end applications at all. But unfortunately, the test does not support Thai language. Time to read board or timeline, we will meet with Thai characters, jumping back and forth like a Buddha Place to stage a concert not to do it. I was quite well done interface. I took the car to the city to help. Now we see a smaller version than the version that is used almost like a nail, however, you dip the touch screen would be desirable but is not T515.


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