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HTC Rhyme Review


HTC Rhyme Review

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HTC is keen to point out that the HTC Rhyme is not solely aimed at women, but it’s definitely not as masculine as its Evo 3D and Titan siblings. It feels solid and serious, but it’s also got a cutesy feel to it. Given the HTC Rhyme is going to have a feminine appeal, it’s refreshing to see that HTC has avoided the cliché of a pink version. What is more, the HTC Rhyme also comes in a clean cut white guise, so you can always opt for plain and simple as opposed to plum and fun...

HTC Rhyme colours:

It comes in two colours, called Clearwater and Plum, but we can call them golden and, er, plum. HTC’s design chops are undeniable and many of the regular features are here, like the darker stripe across the back. There’s no sign of the trademark chin at the base but few will mind that.

HTC Rhyme interface:

Inside, there’s an updated interface. HTC Sense is already the best overlay to make the most of Android and this is the latest version. It looks sleek and sexy, with the Quick Launcher set of icons sitting neatly in a column on the left side of the screen, and including a neat preview element to show your latest emails, updates and so on.

HTC Rhyme moving wallpaper:

There’s also a selection of 13 new specially commissioned wallpaper images which look classy and confirm the phone’s feminine appeal. The size, with its 3.7in screen, is light, pocketable and attractive.

HTC Rhyme accessories:

But the real stand-out features are the accessories. The HTC Rhyme comes with a neat charging dock. The phone slips into it as though it were a bathtub, though with fewer bubbles. The dock turns the phone into a bedside alarm clock. Then there’s the headphones, in matching plum, which are tangle-free. And there’s a neat little cube-like charm which attaches to the headphone socket and flashes when there’s a call or text to report on. It even comes with a clip so you can attach the cube to your shirt pocket or handbag to find it easier.


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