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Motorola Spice Review


Motorola Spice Review

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It looks good and it works even better. The Motorola SPICE is perfectly packaged with a curvy, rounded design on the outside. And on the inside it’s all Android™. A full QWERTY slide-out keyboard, with a large, capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch support for text input, pinch-to-zoom and fluid flick navigation makes it super easy to send messages on the fly and connect with all your friends while you’re on the go.

Easy Messaging with an Environmental Twist

If the sign says curves ahead, you’re probably checking out the Motorola SPICE. With its attractive, rounded design and a vertical sliding QWERTY keyboard, it’s a smartphone that serves you smartly. It also is conscious of the environment by using 25% post consumer recycled plastics. The Motorola SPICE does everything you want and does it with a conscience.

Simplify your Life and Communications

Using multiple applications to check text messages, calls and calendar events can be time-consuming. But with Motorola’s exclusive Flashback application, you can now view and manage your phone communications and content all from a single application. Flashback keeps track of your call history, messages, calendar events and photos and videos, and maps them to a timeline. It pulls the key information from your day, simplifying your life and communications.

Surf the Web at Ease

Motorola SPICE offers a PC-like browsing experience with a full HTML browser. Enjoy your favorite Google services like Gmail™ and Gtalk™, and stay on top of the latest social media updates with Facebook and YouTube™ widgets. And with BACKTRACK™, the rear touch panel, you’ll be able to quickly and easily navigate and scroll through your favorite sites without obstructing your screen. Now that’s web surfing made easy…and mobile. And with thousands of downloadable applications from the Android Market™, many of which are free, your options are virtually endless.

Live a Little!

Are you in the mood for a little entertainment? The Motorola SPICE has a 3MP camera that lets you capture and playback video. Plus, all your videos and pictures will live in one convenient gallery that’s easy to scroll through and access from any PC – no software required thanks to Moto Phone Portal. You’ll also enjoy an all-in-one music player that includes a music library, FM Radio, song recognition application and Music Store.


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