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BlackBerry Curve 9330 Review


BlackBerry Curve 9330 Review

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So there wasn’t much hype at all for the BlackBerry Curve 3G since it was looked upon as a fresher version of the 8500 series Curve which is not entirely false.  It is indeed a fresher version, but along with it comes a few goodies.  We see enhanced memory in the Curve 3G 9330 along with a new face lift – but keeping the same form factor and overall design.  So over the last few days, I used the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 full time seeing how the experience would be from entry level point of view.


The BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 is a huge improvement from the previous Curve 8530 cosmetically.  With the older 8530, the device looked cheap as a whole and did not have a solid feel.  I’m not hyping up the Curve 9330 or anything, but it does have a more solid look to it, especially with the shiny chrome bezel it’s rocking.  Also the backside has a nice rubber material on the battery door calling for a better grip. On the top of the back “Curve” is written with the 2MP camera on the left hand side.  No flash present of course.


The trackpad is great on it.  It’s not too recessed and actually pops out a bit firmly.  Problems I’ve had in the past included a too recessed trackpad and ones that wiggled around too much.  The Curve 9330 keeps it steady and easy to navigate.

The keyboard I’m not too crazy about.  If you were raised with the BlackBerry Bold family (Tour & Torch included), then you don’t favor the Curve keyboard that much.  They are really hard, stiff, and spaced out too much.  I got used to the stuck together keys which in reality are softer.  This is just something you have to put up with if you decide to go with the Curve family.


It’s a 320 x 240 pixel color display.  Nothing crazy here at all as we’ve seen the BlackBerry Curve 8300 series have in the past.  BlackBerry 6 OS makes up for the poor resolution though but it still becomes annoying when going through messages or scrolling around in the address book.

Again, when looking at this screen resolution after using other BlackBerry smartphones out there which have more pixels, it comes out to be poor.  But as far as functionality goes and navigating around it isn’t much of a big deal here.  Address book entries and messages look really big but at least it’s easy on the eyes.


So the previous BlackBerry Curve 8530 did have 3G and as you guessed right, the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 does also.  Generally the device runs on CDMA Dual Band – 800/1900 MHz and CDMA Dual Mode – 2000 1X with EVDO.  So it’s not a world phone like the BlackBerry Bold 9650 – strictly CDMA here folks.  The built-in WiFi runs on 802.11/b and g.  The cool part about having WiFi now is the Wireless Music Sync feature within BlackBerry 6.


If there’s anything I love about the Curve family, it’s the hot media keys on the very top.  I’ve used the media player many times while driving, hooking up via Bluetooth or auxiliary and those buttons just come so handy.  There’s nothing great about picture quality or video quality (other than the sample video) due to the low color depth and 320 x 240 resolution here.  Again folks, its a simple BlackBerry – it does the job, and OS 6.0 on it is a huge plus for it.

The dedicated media keys up top work so well.  With other BlackBerry devices, we use the volume up and down keys to switch tracks, but on the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330, there are media keys up top as shown in the picture.  You can go to the next track, previous track, or pause/play the track.

Something I like about both this device and the OS on it, is the fast picture load when browsing through your collection.  BlackBerry smartphones have been famous for lagging away when browsing all pictures at once within the same folder.  Device freezes up, the hour glass (or rotating clock) appear and empty boxes end up taking far to long to fill up with images.  So the big enhancement we see here is images loading really fast.  Aside from that, when you have a photo open, you can scroll left and right to the previous or next photo instantly with no lag.

The music media player has some ups to it also. 

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