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Nokia C6-01 Review


Nokia C6-01 Review

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This Nokia Smartphone comes with a truly great looking casing & supports a Symbian^3 operating system. It is from the same Nokia range as the Nokia C6 but the most noticeable different is that the C6-01 doesn't support a slide out keyboard as it is controlled using its large touch screen & it supports a higher megapixel camera lens. The Nokia C6-01 has a touch screen form casing & supports a user friendly touch interface complete with a customisable home screen. Its main features & technologies include 3G HSDPA, WiFi® connectivity, an 8 megapixel digital camera with many imaging controls & settings, a music player, a high quality video player & an array of communication & messaging services to suit today's Smartphone user.

Appearance & Size

It comes in two colour options which are both look incredibly subtle & sophisticated including either a black coloured casing or a silver colour option. The handset weighs one hundred & thirty one grams which will feel solid to use when held in the users hand but this weight will not weigh the user down whilst the handset is being carried. The Nokia C6-01 is a good size Smartphone for both carrying & usability purposes, measuring 5.25cm in width, 10.38cm in height & 1.39cm in depth. It has slightly curved edges which makes the handset feel comfortable to hold in a single hand. This handset has a touch screen form casing so therefore the front aspect of the handset is almost filled with the 3.2 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen. This screen displays up to a staggering sixteen million colours on a beautifully clear screen, providing the user with a beautiful viewing experience as well as a clear & precise touch screen controls. A virtual keypad & keyboard will be displayed on the touch screen when the user needs to input text which may include numeric, alphabetic or symbols. The Nokia C6-01 is a superb looking Smartphone complete with its well positioned dedicated controls keys located on either side of the casing & its rear & front facing camera lens.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

Music can be played on the integrated music player which supports many popular music formats & the user can transfer or download music as required. The user can enjoy up to fifty hours of music playing time from a fully charged battery which turns the C6-01 into a portable music playing device for entertainment. A built in radio feature supports a radio data system information display as well as FM tuning therefore allowing the user can listen to their favourite radio station when desired. There are two camera lenses available on the Nokia C6-01, one VGA camera lens is neatly positioned on the front of the casing above the touch screen which is ideally used for self portraits & video calling, & the second is a rear facing camera lens which provides a high quality 8 megapixel digital camera feature. This 8 megapixel camera supports an array of imaging feature & setting which include a red eye removal setting, automatic focus feature, digital zoom function, face tracking & so much more. This high quality camera feature allows the user of the C6-01 to capture still & moving video footage for entertainment which can also be shared with others if desired. There is an integrated video player & this Smartphone supports touch control gaming, so the user will never be short of entertainment on this handset.

Communication & Messaging

This Smartphone comes with a variety of call & messaging features allowing its user to communicate with others using the best possible communication method. It has integrated speakers allowing the user to take a call over the speaker system plus the user can access a list of calls which have been made, received or missed on the Smartphone. The user can enjoy a conference call style call with a group of contacts & there is a flight mode setting allowing the user to use a selection of features whilst in mobile phone restricted areas such as on board a plane. A contacts bar widget allows the user to access their contacts easily from their home screen. Its messaging services include an email service complete with a document attachment supports & an easy to access email widget, plus the user can create & send SMS or multimedia messages on their C6-01 & there is an online instant messaging option. The user can experience a variety of communication methods & enjoy communicating on the move with minimal effort required.

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