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Motorola Droid X Review


Motorola Droid X Review

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The Motorola Droid X is the Android OS smartphone. It has a very large display, 1 GHz processor, 16 GB of storage (8 GB of internal memory plus an 8 GB microSD card), and an 8 megapixel camera/camcorder.


The Droid X is big: it's the same width as the Sprint's HTC EVO 4G, but it's just a bit taller. Still, this smartphone is easy enough to carry around, if you can find a pocket big enough to hold it. Because it is a rather light device, it shouldn't weigh you down too much. The screen is a fingerprint magnet of course, but the textured back means that you'll only be obsessively cleaning/wiping the front of the phone since the fingerprint problem won't affect the back.

The Droid X is thinner than the EVO 4G overall, though it does get thicker at the top of the phone, where the camera lens and flash are located. This raised area certainly isn't designed as a stand, but that little tilt does make the display easier to read when it's sitting on your desk.

I also appreciate that "camera bump" for another reason -- I can always tell how I'm holding the phone when I grab it. Most phones are unrelieved rectangles with minimal distinction between front and back or top and bottom. This makes it much less frustrating to deal with on a daily basis because I always know how it is oriented when I grab it. And since the bump is at the top, it's easier to hold. Even if you hold it fairly loosely and it slips a bit in your hand, it will stop when your finger hits the thicker part at the top of the phone.


The 4.3-inch display is huge, bright, and crystal clear, running at 854 by 480 resolution. It looks beautiful, whether you're viewing text, photos, or video, though it has taken some getting used to because it seems so much longer and narrower than the screens on other smartphones. On the plus side, the icons at the bottom of the screen for phone, contacts, and the program launcher are much bigger than usual, which I like.

In the final evaluation I like the screen, though I do have to scroll side-to-side more than usual. It always takes time to get to know a device, but the Droid X display won me over when fabulous quality, especially when watching video.

The Droid X doesn't have a physical keyboard, so you'll be using the virtual keyboard on the touchscreen display. Motorola Droid X works well in portrait or landscape, though portrait does feel a little cramped to me, even though I have relatively small hands. I tend to hit the wrong key more often in portrait mode, but the excellent auto-correction function fixes most of my mistakes. Landscape mode feels more comfortable, though that could just be a personal preference.

The Power/Sleep button and headphone jack are on the top of the device, and the volume and camera buttons are on the right hand side. The only feature on the bottom is a lanyard/wrist strap attachment on the bottom left corner. The left side of the phone has the charge/sync port and the HDMI port.

Under the screen on the front of the phone you will find four buttons: menu, home, back, and search. They are very long and narrow, with not much separation between each key. It's best to try and hit them right in the middle, on top of the screen-printed icon, to make sure that you don't hit the wrong key by mistake.

The back cover is easy to remove, just slide it down a bit to release it and it will come right off. The microSD card slot is located the battery compartment, and it is possible, though difficult, to remove the card without having to remove the battery.


The Motorola Droid X is incredibly responsive, performing whatever command or opening whatever app I choose almost instantly, no waiting. The only slowdown I experienced was related solely to the network, such as waiting for a web page to load or for my Gmail account to update.

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