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Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition Review


Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition Review

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The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition is a gorgeous looking 3G phone which comes with an assortment of media focused feature including a mobile TV feature. There is a wide selection of feature built into this amazing handset including high quality imaging features, Internet connectivity & easy to use messaging features. It comes with a smooth slide open casing allowing the user to use their phone in either slide open or slide closed position depending on the features being used. This phone is from the same Nokia range as the Nokia 5330 XpressMusic, but this Mobile TV Edition comes with the added feature of built in TV viewing capabilities.

Appearance & Size

Its casing is compact due to its slide opening design which measures 10.1cm tall, 4.8cm wide by 1.4cm deep when the handset is in its slide closed position. The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition weighs one hundred & thirteen grams which is a solid weight but not too heavy for carrying purposes. The casing has a highly gloss finished black exterior complete with silver accents & when the user slides open their casing its slide out section reveals a stunning silver coloured keypad. When the casing is in its slide closed position the front section of the phone is almost filled with the 2.4 Inch colour TFT screen which supports a sixteen million colour display on this beautiful screen. Its screen provides a 240 pixel by 320 pixel screen resolution which is ideal for viewing high quality images, videos & TV. The user can control their features & menu selections using the large squared shape navigation key which is located just below the phones screen. The 5330 Mobile TV Edition is a truly stylish looking slider phone complete with a solid designed casing.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

This stylish Nokia phone comes with DVB-H technology which allows its user to watch TV on their mobile phone. The user can plug a set of headphones into the 3.5mm connection port to enjoy a personal listening experience whilst watching the TV on their mobile phone or hear their favourite show over the phones built in speakers for a shared TV experience.

A built in 3.2 megapixel digital camera feature allows the user to capture still pictures on their phone or record video recordings. This camera feature supports a range of features which allow the user to enjoy high quality still picture capturing as well as beautifully recorded videos on their Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition. There is a 4 times digital zoom feature, built in LED flash which will brighten up the users pictures & a fixed focus feature which ensures the user captures a well focused picture when using their camera. The user can use the 2.4 Inch colour screen as a viewfinder when taking a picture or recording a video. There is a well position capture key which allows the user to capture their pictures or start & stop their video recording in an instant. The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition supports video playing capabilities allowing the user to view their own videos, videos sent by other contacts & the user can transfer videos for entertainment on their phone. This phone supports a gaming feature & the user can download new games from the Internet to suit the users gaming style which can be played & enjoyed whenever the user desires.

The user can enjoy up to twenty six hours of music playing time from a fully charged battery & the music player supports high quality music playback in popular music formats. This handset has dedicated touch activated music controls as well as well positioned volume keys. It comes with a clear music display which allows the user to manage their music with ease. The 5330 Mobile TV Edition has a stereo radio feature which supports an RDS radio feature allowing the user to hear the radio whilst viewing onscreen information which is relevant to the station being listened to.

Communication & Messaging

A built in calendar feature allows the user to view their calendar in the best way to suit the user's needs whether it is a weekly or monthly view. This phone supports a video calling feature allowing the user to view their contacts on their screen whilst chatting to them, thanks to the phones built in 3G technology. There is built in speaker which allows the user to communicate when on a call over the loud speaker for a hands free calling experience. A conference style call can be used if the user wishes to speak to more than one contact regarding the same matter which is useful as a meeting style call situation.

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