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Samsung C6112 Review


Samsung C6112 Review

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Samsung has announced a Dual SIM product, the Samsung C6112. The C6112 is a sleek and stylish handset, finished in a brushed metal design casing, slightly large in slider terms, measuring 106 x 50 x 16.5mm and weighing in a 112g.

The Dual SIM handset allows you to have two SIM cards inserted and active on the device, and switching between the two cards is done via a dedicated key on the side of the phone. SIM one support is for quad band GSM, offering coverage worldwide, whilst SIM two offers dual band coverage, which is good enough for most of Europe and Asia, New Zealand and Australia; the main places dual band does not cover is the Americas. In its styling, this slider phone is unmistakably Samsung. The main display is a standard QVG TFT display, supporting up to 256,000 colours. Under the display are the main menu navigation options, two soft option keys, main Navi key and send/end call keys.

Apart from the Dual SIM option, the remainder of the features on the device are pretty ordinary, and sets the phone in the low to mid range market. The C6112 sports a ‘point ‘n’ shoot’ quality 2.0 Megapixel camera, and can also record video clips at up to 15 fps. There is no front facing camera, but then the C6112 is not a 3G handset. All data transfer is handled via either EDGE or GPRS where supported.

The device offers a capable media player, with support for MP3, MP4, WMA and WMV amongst other formats, and although the onboard memory is rather low at just 30MB, this can be expanded by MicroSD memory cards, up to 8GB is possible. There is also a Stereo FM radio with RDS included, with an FM recording facility as well. You will need a wired headset in place to be able to listen to the radio, but for general music playback the handset supports Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, which supports A2DP wireless technology as well as supporting the higher speed transfer of the latest Bluetooth technology.

One area that has always been of concern with Dual SIM handsets is battery performance. The C6112 ships with an average Li – Ion 960 mAh battery, which Samsung suggest is good enough for 385 hours of standby or up to 9 hours of talktime. If this is the case then it sets the device well within acceptable performance for a modern mobile device.


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