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LG GD510 Pop Review


LG GD510 Pop Review

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This fashionable looking touch screen phone comes with fun & easy to use feature which allows its user to communicate, take pictures, listen to music & surf the Web on their new LG GD510 Pop phone. Its casing has an elegant design which is slim & comes with a stylish silver coloured casing. This handset is from the same touch phone range as the LG KP500 Cookie which is another fashion conscious handset complete with user friendly features. The screen on the GD510 Pop is three Inches in size which has a clear viewing resolution of 240 pixels by 400 pixels & it displays up to two hundred & sixty two thousand colours on this beautiful touch screen. The user can access the onscreen keypad when inputting text & numbers whilst enjoying a user friendly user interface. The user can customise their home screen which allows the user to access their favourite features quickly & easily. The LG KP500 Cookie comes with eight megabytes of built in memory which allows its user to store contact details, picture, music & messages with ease.

This 3G touch screen phone supports a built in 3.2 megapixel camera feature complete with a variety of camera & video settings which allow the user to capture a still picture or moving footage with the best possible results. The user can capture a picture when the GD510 Pop is in its horizontal or vertical mode & a well position camera key allows the user to capture their picture or video with easy to reach controls. These pictures or recordings can be stored on the phones memory in a photo or video album, shared with the user's contacts via the MMS messaging service or transferred to other devices using the connectivity options available on the LG GD510 Pop. The user can tune into their favourite radio station using the integrated FM radio which supports a radio data system feature known as RDS which provides onscreen data for the user to read whilst listening to their chosen radio station. This RDS data is relevant to the radio station & may contain useful information for the user to read whilst enjoying a fun music experience. The GD510 Pop has a built in music playing feature which allows the user to playback music which has be either downloaded or transferred onto this fashionable phone. This music player supports MP3, WAV & eAAC+ music formats. A built in video playing feature allows the user play videos in MPEG4, H263 & H264 video formats on their new phone which will provide fun entertainment for the user.

Its 3G capabilities allow the user of the LG GD510 Pop to enjoy high speed connectivity when needed on this stunning touch screen phone. The phone supports Edge & GPRS technology which means the user can experience fast transfer rates when transferring data between the GD510 Pop & other connected devices. There is a USB connection port which allows the user to use a USB cable to connect their phone to other USB compatible devices when the user wishes to transfer data. Its Bluetooth® support allows the user to connect the LG GD510 Pop to other Bluetooth® compatible devices which are up to ten meters away, providing a wireless connection between the two devices. The user can access the WAP browser from the phones touch screen menu system which allows the user to surf the Web when the user desires. This handset supports a solar panel power option which the user can user & this provides an environmentally friendly feature on the GD510 Pop. When the user wishes to communicate with others then the user can choose from a selection of messaging service to stay in contact with friends, business contacts & family. The LG GD510 Pop supports an email message service, text & multimedia picture messaging service. The user can share pictures & video clips via the multimedia messaging service complete with text & sound. The user can create & send any of these messages from their new phone which can be shared with compatible messaging users providing a quick method of communication between compatible users. This handset works over a UMTS 3G 2100 network & GSM tri band network which covers GSM 900, 1800, 1900 & will automatically switch between network bands.


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