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LG BL40 New Chocolate Review


LG BL40 New Chocolate Review

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The LG BL40 is an interesting and impressive mobile phone from LG’s Black Label series. The BL40 consists of a variety of unusual features which makes it even more appealing. One of its key features is its elongated display screen which provides a wide screen view of images. This adds to the distinctiveness of the phone and will undoubtedly be one of its main talked about features.

The LG BL40 which is also known as the LG Black Label 40 and BL40 Chocolate has a unique display screen which is 4 inches in size and has a display resolution of 345 x 800 pixels. The colourful nature of the imagery is down to the phones ability to display over 16 million colours accurately. The images shown are vibrant and have an excellent life like reproduction. The screen is a touch screen and offers simple and effective access to the numerous features contained within.

The camera on the LG BL40 is 5 mega pixels and offers the ability to take excellent quality images whilst on the move. This new LG Chocolate phone also offers additional photo taking aids in the form of auto focus and a digital zoom as well as a flash for effective illumination of the subject matter. Video can also be taken with the BL40  should the need arise for an alternative to still images.

Web browsing is simple and effective with this Black Label phone, in part due to the expansive nature of the new LG screen, but also due to its ability to access the internet at speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps through its HSDPA connection. Wi-Fi is also available to take advantage of available hot spots. Additional connection options include GPRS, EDGE as well as Blue tooth and USB.

The BL40 Chocolate also comes with a variety of entertainment or multimedia capabilities, these include an MP4 and MP3 player as well as FM radio. This ensures that the user can be entertained by a variety of means whether via downloaded music or video files or radio broadcasts.

The LG BL40 will no doubt create a splash when it arrives on the scene. It has too many outstanding features for it to go along unnoticed. With a sleek and stylish exterior as well as overwhelming amount of technology it is sure to be a winner for LG.


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