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Samsung B3310 Review


Samsung B3310 Review

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The Samsung B3310 is a fun looking handset which comes in a pretty pink coloured casing & a blue coloured casing. This mobile phone has a good size screen & will suit all users who enjoy their phones messaging features as a slide out QWERTY keyboard makes messaging a speedy task. The B3310 has a numeric format keypad set out in a single row which is located down the left hand side of the screen which provides an input method when the QWERTY keyboard is in its slide closed position. Its screen is a TFT type screen which provides a 262 thousand colour display complete with a clear screen resolution on a two Inch screen. The screen can be horizontally as well as in the vertical position depending on the users input method & features being used. The overall size of the casing is not particularly thin due to its slide out keyboard by the casing only measures 1.7cm deep by 5.4cm wide by 9.1cm tall when in its slide closed position & is a compact design for carrying purposes.

The B3310 works over a GSM quad band network & the handset will automatically switch between network bands including GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900. This quad band network coverage allows the user to use their new mobile phone worldwide. This phone comes with a fitted battery which can be recharged via the power adapter provides with the handset. When the battery is fully charged the user can gain up to five hours of talk time or approximately three hundred & eighty hours of standby battery time. When the user connects the Samsung B3310 to other devices the user & experience high speed data transfer rates thanks to this phones built in EDGE & GPRS technologies. The user can connect the B3310 to other devices using either a USB cable or by using a Bluetooth® wireless connection between the two devices. When using Bluetooth® the user can only connect to compatible Bluetooth® devices which are up to ten meters apart from the Samsung B3310. This fun mobile phone comes with forty megabytes of internal memory & the user can expand the handset memory capabilities further by inserting a memory card in the memory size to suit their needs into the memory card slot provided.

The main features on the Samsung B3310 are its easy to use call features & its user friendly messaging features. The user can make a call quickly & easily using the call log to access their call records or by simply accessing the phone book to search for their contacts. The B3310 supports Java™ format games & the user can add new games to their mobile phone by downloading games from the Internet. The slide out QWERTY keyboard is a useful tool when the user is creating a multimedia message, text message or typing an email. The Samsung B3310 supports multimedia messaging allowing the user to create & share a message complete with text, sound as well as adding a photo or video clip to this message. The user of the Samsung B3310 can access the Web via the WAP 2.0 browser providing the user with a XHTML Web experience. The user can search for their favourite online stores, websites & even find out the latest news via the Web.

A built in FM radio allows the user to tune into their chosen radio station & enjoy a visual experience as well as a listening experience thanks to the built in RDS feature. The user can view & read onscreen text which has been provided by the radio station the user has chosen to listen to & this text information can be news, updates or even details of the current song playing. The Samsung B3310 comes with a two megapixel camera feature which allows the user use to capture, store & even share photos or video clips which have be captured using this digital camera feature. This camera supports video recording capabilities allowing the user to capture moving video footage for a lively recording experience which can be stored or shared with others via the MMS service. A built in music player allows the user to transfer their CD's onto the Samsung B3310 to enjoy a portable music playing feature whenever the user desires. The user can store their music on their mobile phone & even download new music via an Internet music store. The Samsung B3310 supports MP3 format ringtones & the user can add & change their call ringtones or message alerts to suit the user's style & taste.


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