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HTC Touch 3G Review


HTC Touch 3G Review

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Touch, touch, touch... we can hear this everywhere nowadays. Touch here, tap there, stroke it, feel it, live it, experience it, discover it, this is the thing, iPhone, TouchFLO, TouchWiz, Tube and who the hell knows what else. If we’d throw someone not so experienced in the world of mobile communication into the sea of these concepts he would probably feel himself like Neo when he discovered that there’s no spoon. But the fact is that these touchy things astonish most people, prejudices vanish in a moment and then anyone can become Tom Cruise from Minority Report… and even more we don’t even have a choice, if we have a touchscreen model in front of use we MUST use our fingers to look at the next picture in the gallery. It’s unexplainable.

The greatest hype is evidently about iPhone, as that’s the only device where we can use more fingers and this is a really exciting experience for five minutes even for those users who refuse all kinds of technical innovations. Of course Apple is not the most touch-maniac by far, but HTC is, although it’s really hard to rank the companies up this way. Of course they don’t have much choice, as theoretically they work only with Windows Mobile (now with Android too), which presumes the presence of a touchscreen, with the exception of smartphones, but as we know that’s a dead thing, so the manufacturer doesn’t really care about it. Since we lack space and motivation I wouldn’t like to enlist all Touch series handsets released in the last one and a half year, the point is that here we have the latest one, Touch 3G, which might make all Apple-fans scream wildly that the name has been stolen.

The phone has again been provided by SpeedShop, as they are the official distributors in our country. Since the handset will become available as of November, the one we had for testing wasn’t final yet, but according to the manufacturer it was in a “reviewable” state, so we have reviewed it. We didn’t get a box, neither did we get any accessories, only a headset which was the one from Viva’s box.

First of all let’s check where Touch 3G is situated on the HTC product palette. The entry-level is represented by Viva, which isn’t available yet. It has a price of about €245 EUR, while the high-end phone is Diamond/Touch Pro, the latter having a QWERTY keyboard, while the other is simply the flagship – but not for long, as here’s Touch HD. The subject of this review has been positioned a bit below Diamond, at least regarding its features, but we’ll discuss this later.

The handset looks just like the original Touch, or its slider successor. This probably has two reasons: on one hand they didn’t want to alter the fine recipe and on the other hand a new competitor was needed for the iPhone, as no matter how we look at it, the two phones look quite alike, while Diamond is completely different. Of course they have tampered with things here and there and the resulting handset weighs 16 grams less than the basic model and its shape also changed, it’s a bit longer, we could say it’s more graceful (102 x 53.6 x 14.5 mm). The materials used didn’t change at all, there are soft, silky, rubber-like plastics on the front and the back, while on the right there is a metallic-looking plastic stripe running along; the plexi above on the screen is really hard.

The main part of the front is the touchscreen again, and its parameters didn’t change: 2.8” diagonal, 240 x 320 pixels resolution, 16 bit color depth. There is no rim this time either, so we won’t be hindered in tapping with our fingers. Image quality is average, we could say that it’s no iPhone. The part above the display is very small, this is where the speaker and the two status LEDs are placed. On the bottom there is a bit more space, the call handling keys and the five-way d-pad can be seen here. The call keys are small metal stripes, while the d-pad… well, you can see it on the picture. I have personally liked them and they are even easy to use.

The back is fortunately not a piece of kitsch, it’s quite minimalist. In its center there is a brushed metal part, this is where the 3.2

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