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Nokia 6760 slide Review


Nokia 6760 slide Review

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It's not surprising to see how social networking has become more popular and widely used among mobile users rather than those on a regular computer. After all, what would you talk about when you're behind a desktop, stuck somewhere in an office or some Internet Cafe? What exactly would you talk about in those scenarios? How you've bored in the past three hours? How you've score some major points in Zuma or Plants vs. Zombies? Of course, this is speaking of the trend in developed countries like the US of A. But we can see how this can similarly develop in the Philippines when more Filipinos move their social networking habits from the PC to their phones. We're not going to talk about social networking in itself, but rather, the recently released "Surge", better known as the Nokia 6760 Slide, which is designed especially for a target audience who loves to roam around town and share their experience on demand.


Once you think of a QWERTY phone design, you think of business-class phones: they're ladden with features but a good portion of these are geared towards helping businessmen and management at their 24/7 jobs. There have been a good number of QWERTY phones released, but those released typically target the highend or the lower mid-range of the market segment. Our impression of the Nokia 6760 Slide is that it's a phone that fits the mid-range market squarely.  Design-wise, it's a phone that transforms into one that's simply for calling and enjoying multimedia, and another for full blown sharing. With the keyboard hidden, the phone design is glaringly plain, with only the three shortcut keys, the softmenu keys, and the navigational pad being noticeable features. The rubberized matte black plastic and aluminum black material, along with chrome highlights running along the edges and the navigational pad simply makes this phone rather inconspicuous and not as attractive as other Nokia handsets. An ample 2.4 inch 320 x 240 LCD sits on top fools you into thinking its a touchscreen device. It's not. The justification for the odd design is made obvious by smoothly sliding down the 35-key keyboard. The screen orientation rotates and the phone becomes a blogger's best friend.

The phone provides straight forward access to some of its common features. We've got the volume keys and the dedicated camera shutter key to the right profile, a covered mini-USB slot to the left, a speakerphone, 2.5mm headset jack, and the power port to the top, and a button to snap off the back panel cover at the bottom. It's as though this phone was made to take a little more knocks and adventure. If you're wondering if it has any memory slots, it does, but it's hidden underneath the backpanel cover, on the right profile. Of course, there's only a camera lens at the back. Designed for longer use, it's using a battery pack that is almost as wide and long as the phone itself, which explains why the entire backpanel plate is designed in such a manner.


Aside from the obvious selling point, which is its keyboard, another reason why you would consider the 6760 Slide for your next phone is the features it sports. It's got the common features of a high-end Nokia phone, including Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, A-GPS navigation, Quad band network connection, 3G and HSDPA data connectivity, 3.2 megapixel camera with video recording, FM radio tuning, Symbian S60 3rd Edition OS, light sensor, flight mode, MicroSD memory card expansion, accelerometer, and a comprehensive list of supported multimedia formats for playback. The list goes on. But perhaps what we can point out is what it sorely lacks, and that's Wi-Fi connectivity.

Hardware wise, these would be the key selling points of the phone's under-the-hood parts. But what would be more reason to get this phone is the way it's set up in terms of software. We've mentioned some of these more obvious features already, particularly, the ones geared towards multimedia appreciation and creation. But what we'd like to highlight here is its design to readily embrace a good number of social networking, email, and instant messaging services and connect you to these immediately. Of course, if you have an OVI account, the phone is fully ready to connect to that service, too, and the phone integrates the OVI Chat with your Contacts view.

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