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Nokia 3120 classic Review


Nokia 3120 classic Review

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The appearance of the next novelty from the well-known Finnish manufacturer, Nokia 3120 Classic already is considered as the current year’s break in the middle segment and a very successful marketing move. Nokia always stands out of the row with the ability to combine the technical specifications and a good design with the appropriate price policy. Nokia quite often aims the budgetary segment for its products, which is the main guarantee of popularity for the Nokia phones among consumers.

By developing the Nokia 3120 Classic model, the company has decided not to experiment with the indexes, which have not taken roots yet in the consciousness of the broad audience of buyers, and have chosen the 3120 index. In 2004, the Finnish developer has already presented the 3120 model, which was replaced by the enough expensive Nokia 3100. In spite of the fact that the budgetary model 3120 has not received a big recognition at that time, the index became well-known, therefore the company has stopped on the already familiar designation..

The Design

The most typical design manner of the Nokia mobile phones released this year, is the lack of sharp edges, and the Nokia 3120 Classic cellular phone, with its rounded corners is not an exception. The mobile phone is executed in the bar  form factor and has the sizes 111x45.4x14.2 mm, therefore, the  "excessive" height of the case is visually smoothed by the same rounded corners and oval forms. Nokia 3120 Classic weights only 85 gram and very conveniently lays down in the hand. Even the unduly thin case, from the ergonomics point of view, here would be not so justified, therefore all the phone’s parameters are optimal. The Nokia 3120 Classic case colors are presented in following variants: black, red, plum and brown.

In the top part of the phone, the front case is executed from glossy plastic and has a big enough aperture for the speaker, while at the left it has the VGA camera for videocalls. The standard 2-inch TFT-screen is already familiar by other phones of this developer: the screen of Nokia 3120 Classic has a resolution of 240x320 pixels and displays 16,7 millions of color shades. The screen stands up with the brightness of the image, therefore during dark time of the day, it can quite be used as a small flashlight. Under the display the keyboard block is located: two soft keys and the call/reject buttons, between which is located the thin silvery navigating key and the large button of confirmation. On the right side of Nokia 3120 Classic is located the up/down volume key, on top – the on/off button, and on bottom - the microphone opening, a socket for charger/headphones connection, and the folding microUSB cover.

The Functionality

The built in memory of the phone - 24 Mb, also there is available microSD slot for memory cards up to 4Gb. The mobile phone Nokia 3120 Classic works in 4 GSM ranges, supports the 3G networks and is equipped with a 1000 mAh battery: the operating time in conversation mode - 3,5 h., in stand-by  - 300 h. The PC connection is carried out through the USB cable, but it also can be connected through Bluetooth (version 2.0).

Nokia 3120 Classic is equipped with an usual 2 Mp digital camera without auto focus - similar cameras was used at the Nokia 7500 and 6500 Classic models. The maximal resolution of the picture - 1600х1200 pixels, the videoclips are recorded in 3gp or mp4 format at a resolution of 352x288 pixels. It is possible to adjust the quality of compression, to set the resolution of a final picture, to take shots in serial mode or using the timer. When adjusting the shootings, overlapping with the screen of the view-finder is not supported, therefore adjustment of white color and various effects should be done "blindly". Basically, the made pictures are not calculated for PC viewing, mainly because of the complexities with the white balance.

In Nokia 3120 Classic is installed a musical player capable to read mp3, mpeg4, wma, AAC, AAC + formats. There is a musical library with sorting by artists, albums or playlists, and also modes of random play and repetition of a track/list. The sound’s quality is quite good, and the volume - powerful enough. In Nokia 3120 Classic there is also a FM-receiver, which works only with the headset connected.

The Interface

As a work basis for Nokia 3120 Classic, is the standard platform, the S40 fifth edition, also known from other models (Nokia 6500 Classic or Nokia 7500).

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