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LG GT505 Review


LG GT505 Review

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The LG GT505 is a 3G handset complete with a large touch screen for ease of use which provides a great method for inputting text & making menu selection at high speeds. The GT505 handset is from the LG range which includes other beautiful handsets with similar features & designs, which include the LG GW520 & the LG KS360, but the three phones all come with their own separate identity although similarity can be spotted regarding the messaging & communication features. The LG GT505 comes with a smooth & sleek black coloured casing complete the large touch screen which almost fills the front on the handset. On the front the user will find the large touch screen complete with call keys whilst on the side of the handset the user will find well positioned keys including the camera capture key. Its touch screen is three Inches in size & provides a bright & easily viewable coloured display. The user can create a home screen complete with their frequently used contacts allowing the user to gain access to their contacts quickly when making a call. The LG GT505 is an Orange network exclusive handset.

This 3G HSDPA technology phone allows the user to enjoy high speed connectivity & the user can access the Web via the built in Web browser which supports HTML & XHTML Web browsing for a fully mobile Internet experience. The LG GT505 supports WLAN Wife® technology which means the user can connect their handset to the Internet via a wireless LAN or a close by hotspot, to experience a cable free Internet connection. The user can connect their handset to other devices using a USB cable to connect the GT505 phone to other devices such as the user's computer, laptop, printer & more. The built in Bluetooth® technology allows the user to experience a wireless connection between the LG GT505 & other Bluetooth® compatible devices with are up to ten metres apart from the phone. It also supports EDGE technology & GPRS technology which means the user can experience high speed data transfer rates when transferring data between the phone & other devices. An integrated A GPS navigation comes complete with a WisePilot feature that provides a vocal navigation feature, but the user may need to apply & register for this feature on their handset as an added feature. This touch screen phone works over a GSM tri band network which covers GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900 as well as a HSDPA 2100 network for 3G network coverage.

The GT505 comes with a high quality camera feature which has a five megapixel camera lens complete with & automatic focus feature allowing the user to capture beautifully focused photos each time this feature is used. The user will find a well positioned camera capture key which means the user can take a photo in an instant. This phones built in A GPS navigation system allows the user to enjoy a geo tagging feature on their phone which will store the location of where each picture was taken which is an easy way to remember those special memories. A second camera on this handset allows the user to enjoy a 3G video calling feature which offers a face to face calling experience for the user to enjoy with other compatible video calling contacts. The LG GT505 also supports video functions which allow the user to record video footage & playback videos for entertainment.

If the user wish to be entertained with music whilst travelling then the built in music player will be an important feature which comes with great sound quality & easy to control music features. The user can transfer their favourite tracks onto their phone using the connectivity option or download new music from the Internet, then enjoy playing the music back on the music player. This phone also supports MP3 format ringing tones & the user can add new ringtones to suit the user's musical taste. An integrated phone book allows the user to store many contacts names & contact numbers which is easy to locate from the phones main menu system. A picture identification feature allows the user to add a picture to their contact which can then be viewed on the large touch screen when the contact calls, allowing the user to indentify the call instantly as a picture display shows exactly who is calling. The LG GT505 supports a variety of messaging services which includes a text message service known as SMS messaging, an email service complete with a push email function allowing the user to have messages received directly to their handset & a multimedia picture & video messaging service known as MMS messaging.

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