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Nokia 6303 classic Review


Nokia 6303 classic Review

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The Nokia 6303 Classic is a stylish classic designed mobile phone which comes complete with imaging, music, Internet & communication feature which allow the user of this compact handset to be entertained on the move. The overall size of the casing makes it easy for the user to carry & use the Nokia 6303 Classic as it measures just over 108mm high, a little over 46mm wide & almost 12mm deep & it weighs only 96 grams including the fitted rechargeable battery. It comes with 64 megabytes of internal memory & has a memory card slot which supports up to 4 gigabytes of external memory. The user will find a 1 gigabyte memory card included in the start up kit which allows the user to store messages, contacts, music & pictures with ease. This beautifully designed mobile phone from Nokia comes in two colours which include a matt black coloured casing & a steel silver coloured casing. It comes with a good sized colour screen which displays up to 16.7 million colours on a TFT QVGA screen. The Nokia 6303 Classic has a beautiful & easy to use user interface complete with useful colourful icons.

This classic phone comes with a full screen viewfinder for picture capturing & video recording purposes which allows the user to user the whole screen to view their pictures & video recordings. The user can record video at up to fifteen frames per second on their 6303 Classic handset. The video recorder comes with a built in 4 x digital zoom feature which means the user can zoom in & out whilst recording. The user can change the video colour tone to enhance their video which includes a normal video colour tone setting, sepia, greyscale & negative colour tone setting. As well as video recording capabilities the Nokia 6303 Classic supports video playback in popular video formats. An integrated 3.2 megapixel camera comes with a dual LED flash & a digital zoom function. The built in flash comes with three setting modes which include an automatic setting, on & off setting. The digital zoom is an eight times digital zoom & the camera has an auto focus feature which will automatically provide the user with a well focused image each time a picture is captured. This camera feature comes with a capture setting which allows the user to capture their picture as a still shot, sequence shot, a video shot or the user can using a self timer setting.

The user can transfer data, music & picture files to other compatible devices including a PC, laptop or printer by using a USB cabled connection or a Bluetooth® wireless connection between the Nokia 6303 Classic & other devices. This mobile phone supports EDGE technology & GPRS which allows the user to experience high speed data transfer rates on the 6303 Classic. The user can listen to all the latest music & news by using the FM radio complete with a radio data system. The user can enjoy downloading & listening to ringtones in polyphonic, MP3, AAC & video format ringtones. A built in music player allows the user to transfer or download their favourite music which can be stored on the phones memory & played when the user feels the need for a fun music experience. The music player supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, H263 & H264 music format. The user can insert a compatible set of headphones via the 3.5mm headphone port which allows the user to have a private & personal listening experience when listening to their music. An integrated GPS receiver with a Nokia Maps application allows the user to gain direction to new locations.

A rechargeable battery will provide approximately 450 hours of battery standby time or approximately 7 hours of talk time for the user enjoy whilst calling & communicating with others. The 6303 Classic comes with easy to use call features which will alert the user if a call is waiting, allows the user to put a call on hold & allows the user to divert a call. A speaker phone feature means the user can take a call over the phones loud speakers allowing the user to hear their contact out loud without holding the handset to their ear. The user can enjoy a meeting type call with up to six contacts using the conference call feature. Another way to communicate with friends is by sending a text, picture message or email message & this classic design phone can provide it all for its user.

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