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Nokia 2700 classic Review


Nokia 2700 classic Review

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The Nokia 2700 Classic is a solid bar shaped handset which comes with a large screen & a compact sized keypad. The user will find a well placed central navigation key situated just below the large screen which allows the user to glide freely between features & functions. The Nokia 2700 Classic has a two Inch screen which provides a 262k colour display & a 320 pixel by 240 pixel screen resolution. This handset has a solid design but comes in a lightweight & compact shaped casing. It measures 14mm deep, 46mm wide by 109.2mm high which is a good size casing for carrying & when in use it feels good in the user's hand. The 2700 Classic comes in three coloured casings which include a jet black colour, frost grey colour & a mahogany red coloured casing. The 2700 Classic comes with sixty four megabytes of built in memory & the handset supports expandable memory in the form of a memory card which can be up to two gigabytes in size. The phone works over a GSM quad band network which covers GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900 which will automatically switch between network bands.

A built in phone book feature allows the user to store up to one thousand contacts on their new mobile phone. The phone supports useful call features such as a conference call feature which works like a meeting style call conversation which makes it easy for the user to talk to more than one contact per call. A built in hands free call feature allows the user to hear their contact over the phones speakers leaving the user to enjoy a hands free call feature. The user can set the vibration alert which allows the user to be alerted by a subtle vibration of their handset when a new call or message comes in. A built in voice recorder allows the user to record their voice which is ideal for saving voice reminders. The Nokia 2700 Classic comes with a built in music player which supports popular music formats & the user can enjoy up to twenty hours of music playback time from a fully charged battery. The user can tune into their favourite radio station & enjoy a wide range of music on the move using the built in FM radio which supports a RDS feature allowing the user to view text on their screen which is relevant to the station being listened too. The Nokia 2700 Classic comes with a 3.5mm stereo headphone port which allows the user to insert a compatible headset for a private listening experience. The user can record audio & sound which can be stored for future listening. This compact & classic handset supports polyphonic sound, MP3 & video ringing tones.

An integrated digital camera feature allows the user to enjoy capturing still pictures & the user can record video using this built in camera. The camera is a two megapixel camera complete with many settings which allow the user to gain the best possible picture each time this feature is used. It has a 4 x digital zoom which allows the user to get a clearer & closer shot using the zoom feature. The Nokia 2700 Classic can be used in landscape mode for those wide angle shots. The built in camera comes complete with a selection of modes which allow the user to select the mode to suit the user's desired finish. The modes include a light mode setting, capture mode, colour mode & a white balance mode. The colour modes include a normal setting, sepia, black & white, negative & vivid setting. The user can play back video in popular video formats which include MP4 & 3GP video format. A fully charged battery can support up to four hours of video playing time for the users pleasure. The Nokia 2700 Classic can record video at up to fifteen frames per second & the user can use a zoom feature when recording video footage. The built in video recorder feature supports setting which include a scene mode option which allows the user to select an automatic scene mode, night mode, snow or beach mode, close up scene mode, old film recording mode & cinema scene mode.

The user can connect to compatible devices using a Bluetooth® wireless connection between devices or a USB cabled connection when the user wishes to transfer files & data between two compatible devices. The battery provided will provide the user with approximately 288 hours of standby battery time or approximately 6 hours of GSM talk time.

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