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Nokia 6600 slide Review


Nokia 6600 slide Review

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The Nokia 6600 Slide is an attractive 3G mobile phone which comes with a simply stunning slide opening system which allows the user to view the display screen when the phone is either slide open or slide closed. The 6600 Slide is from the same family as the Nokia 6600 Fold but the phones have very different looks & style due to the differing opening systems. The 6600 Slide is made from luxury materials & has a high gloss black coloured surface. The casing is 9cm high by 4.5cm wide by 1.4cm in depth which weighs 110 grams. The user can view the 2.2 Inch screen when the phone is either in its open or closed position & this beautifully clear QVGA screen displays up to 16 million colours. The user can operate the navigation tool which stands out due to its smoothed edge square shape & blue coloured surround when the handset is either opened or closed. The keypad can be accessed by smoothly opening the slide opening system & the keypad comes with blue lighting effect which enhances each key for ease of use.

The phone supports Nokia maps which allow the user to find their way easily to destinations. The Nokia 6600 Slide comes with easy to use tap commands which allow the user to simply silence the alarm, mute a call or cancel a call. The user will find many useful applications including a calculator, converter, world clock & a notes feature. An integrated music player supporting MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA music formats allows the user to enjoy their favourite tracks on their 3G phone. The user can change their ringing tone to suit their personal taste & the user can enjoy ringing tones in MP3, AAC, eAAC+, polyphonic & video ringing tone format. The user can purchase & download new ringtones from the Web which can be easily transferred to the 6600 Slide. The music entertainment doesn't stop there as the Nokia 6600 Slide comes with a built in radio feature which allows the user to enjoy listening to their favourite FM radio station to catch up with the latest hit music & news reports.

The Nokia 6600 Slide comes with a rechargeable battery which provides up to three hours GMS talk time, four hours WCDMA talk time or two hundred & forty hours of standby battery time from a fully charged battery. The phone works on a quad band network which covers worldwide network coverage but this is dependent on the user's network provider. The user can experience high speed data transfer rates thanks to the built in EDGE technology. The user can connect their Nokia 6600 Slide to other compatible devices using a micro USB cabled connection or a Bluetooth® wireless connection with devices up to ten metres apart. The 6600 Slide is a 3G capable mobile handset which means the user can enjoy high speed connectivity & features such as 3G video calling on their new phone. The Nokia 6600 Slide comes with 20 megabytes of built in memory & comes with a 512 megabytes MicroSD™ memory card which the user can insert to extend their phones memory capabilities further.

An integrated 3.2 megapixel camera comes complete with easy to use video & picture features which allows the user to capture all their memories as either a still picture or as a moving video clip. The camera comes with an 8 x digital zoom which allows the user to get up close & personal to their subject for a clearer shot. The user can use the double LED flash to brighten up those duller environments & darker surroundings. The video capabilities allow the user to easily record, play & even stream video on the 6600 Slide. The Nokia 6600 Slide comes with a selection of built in messaging services which allow the user to stay in contact with others with compatible messaging services on their mobile phone. The phone supports Nokia Xpress audio messaging service which allows the user to share voice & sound messages with others. The instant messaging service supports AOL, ICQ, Yahoo & MSN instant messaging services which allows the user to experience a text chat with others who are online when the users is online. The user can share pictures & videos via the MMS messaging service which is a quick & easy way to share experience with other multimedia messaging service compatible contacts. The mobile email service allows the user to create, send, delete, edit & receive emails on their Nokia 6600 Slide complete with an email attachment function.

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