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Sony Ericsson G700 Review


Sony Ericsson G700 Review

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The Sony Ericsson G700 is one of the two newest smartphones launched by Sony Ericsson (the other being G900), running the Symbian UIQ 3 operating system. It comes in a slim, stylish casing with a large 2.4" touch sensitive display and a standard keypad like any other regular Sony Ericsson phone. It also packs in a 3.2 megapixel camera and the Walkman 3 player inside. Sony Ericsson G700 phone, battery, charger, headset, USB cable, extra stylus, 1GB M2 card, PC suite CD and User guide.

Design & Construction

One look at G700 and you'll be forgiven to think it as any other standard SE phone instead of a UIQ smartphone. The reason for that is the complete absence of features that were found on previous UIQ phones and inclusion of some new ones. For starters, the G700 is slim, exceptionally slim for a phone that packs so much under its hood. Then it's the colour, Silk Bronze as SE likes to call it, is also a far cry from the silver and grey that would've usually been expected. It's obvious that this smartphone is designed to look stylish and appeal not just to men, but to women as well. Then there is the absence of a QWERTY keypad and the Jog-dial. SE had previously dumped it's QWERTY keypad in it's W950i and W960i, but this is the first time ever that they've completely dumped their Jog-dial and instead replaced it with a solution that would be more welcoming to newbies to UIQ. The G700 and G900 have a 5 way D-pad and a standard T9 keypad. But there is something exclusive to the G700 which even the G900 lacks, and those are the two soft keys below the display.

As for the construction, the phone is solidly built and produces no creaks and groans when pressed hard. The phone also feels very light in the hand (light by smartphone standards, that is). One thing to note is the unnecessary amount of wrestling required to remove the rear cover. It could have been made easier to remove. The quality of plastics used is very good and looks worth the price. The screen protector found on the phone is a bit too long, covering the navigation keys along with the display.

The front of the phone has the in-call speaker at the top in the centre and on it's left is the video call camera. Right below is the display. Below that is the navigation keys which includes the two soft keys, the D-pad and the SE-typical back and Clear key. Then there are two shortcut keys for the messaging app and the notes app. Below is the standard T9 keypad. On the left of the phone is the keypad/touchscreen lock key and below is the M2 card slot (accepts upto 8 GB M2 cards) and right above it is the SE universal Fast-Port. There is also a small LED that blinks in green whenever a call or message arrives and remains on when the phone is charging. On the bottom is the microphone. On the right is the volume/zoom key and below is the camera shutter key. On the top is the power key and the stylus slot. The rear houses the sole loudspeaker at the bottom and a 3.2 MP camera lens and twin LED lights.


As already mentioned, the G700 has a regular SE phone keypad with two additional shortcut keys. All the keys on the phone are a joy to use and give no problems at all. They have adequate travel and give good feedback when pressed. The camera key is a bit too soft though and there are instances where the camera app is launched accidentally.


The phone has a large 2.4" 262k, QVGA touch sensitive display. The display is nice and bright and produces good colours. As seen in the pic, it is brighter than my 5700's display at full brightness. The touch screen's sensitivity is good enough and the display legibility under direct sunlight is also quite good.

Text Input

G700 supports multiple ways to input text, four to be precise- standard multi-tap, T9, handwriting recognition and on-screen QWERTY keys. The standard keys work as expected and myself being more used to this method of input, I found this to be the fastest. Handwriting recognition also works well but one need to get used to it. Also it would've been nicer if it could recognize entire words instead of single characters.

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