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Motorola RAZR2 V8 Review


Motorola RAZR2 V8 Review

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Physical Impressions:

At 118g, the v8 is no lightweight. That said the extra heft is perfectfor the v8. Compared to a RAZR, the v8 feels more valuable andsubstantial even though it’s quite a bit thinner.

If you found the 14mm RAZR to be too chubby for your pockets you’ll behappy to know that the v8 is a mere 12mm thick.The thinness of the v8means it fits great in your pocket but it does make it slightlydifficult to open.

The keys feel like the Razor’s they’re really flat but work well. Ilike how the v8’s navigation pad is noticeably bigger. The keys are notseparated vertically so sometimes it can be tricky to use them withoutlooking. The back is covered with rubberized paint while the front isplastic with some shiny paint on it.

You get a 2.2″ TFT display on the inside (same size as the RAZR). Ithas a resolution of 240×320 (pretty standard) and can display up to262,000 colours. The outer display is alarger-than-the-average-external display that measures a whopping 2.0″

TFT display (RAZR has a puny 1.0″). It also has a resolution of 240×320and can display up to 262,000 colours. The lower part of the display istouch sensitive. It’s not touch sensitive in that it can be used toenter text but it allows for some virtual buttons which you can press.

On the v8, the external display is used to control music playback whenthe phone is closed and camera self portraits. Also remember thathaving such a large external display looks really sweet. With the v9I’m guessing you can use it for video conferencing too.

The RAZR and RAZR2 both have similar shapes but the RAZR2 lacks theRAZR’s bump at the bottom of the keypad. When I used to use a RAZR Iwould hold it around the bump since it was the only thick part of thephone. It made it easier to wrap my fingers around it when I wastalking on it. The RAZR2 lacks this bump so I really couldn’t find aneasy way to hold it since it’s so thin and wide. Another thing I foundwas if I gripped the RAZR2 tightly I would end up pressing the ‘end’button which isn’t good if you’re in a call. The lack of the bump makesthe RAZR2 look cool but it also makes it difficult to hold for extendedperiods of time. If you’re going to make a lot of long calls get aBluetooth headset.

It wasn’t apparent to me at first but the RAZR2 has some nice finishingtouches. Take a look at the gallery. First off, notice how the Motorolalogo on front of the phone is surrounded by a sort of machined finish.The v3i has the same sort of finish but on the v8 the finish is behinda clear coat so that it won’t attract dust like on the v3i. Next noticemy close up of the side buttons; they have the same sort of machinedfinish. The sides are surrounded by a dimpled look. Notice how the boxhas the same pattern on it. Finally look at a closed v8 sideways andnotice the curve where the top part of the flip meets the bottom part.The packaging that holds the v8 has the same curve.

Hands-free usage:

There is support for Bluetooth headsets, stereo headphones, micro USBheadphones and a speakerphone.The speakerphone’s maximum volume isabout average (it’s not that useful in loud environments).

There’s a voice command button on the right side of the phone. It isn’tVoice Signal but it’s similar. You can use it to call phonebookentries, dial numbers, launch certain programs, change profiles, etc.


While the RAZR used a mini usb connector, the v8’s thin profile meansit has to use a micro USB connector. The micro USB connector is usedfor wired headsets, charging and for connecting to computers. It iscompatible with mini USB connectors if you have the appropriate adapter.

One of the main differences between the RAZR2 v8 and v9 are that the v8lacks a memory card slot but can come with more internal memory. The v8supports HSDPA and memory cards.


Software wise, the v8 runs Motorola Linux/Java interface. It’sreminiscent of the RAZR’s menu but really it’s completely differentinside.

The menu speed is pretty amazing, it’s incredibly responsive.

I found the menu sounds to be pretty interesting; I actually left themon instead of turning them off immediately like I usually do. When youuse the external virtual buttons the phone will shake gently - it’sreally cool.

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