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Sony Ericsson S500 Review


Sony Ericsson S500 Review

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The phone supports multimedia messaging, text messaging & email. The user can create messages easily on their handset with the clear cut keypad & help of predictive text input. The user can share their photographs & video clips with compatible multimedia messaging contacts. The phone comes with fun games embedded in the phone, so there is always something to entertain the user. The Sony Ericsson S500i comes with a flight mode feature which allows the user to use a selection of their phones features whilst on board a plane or in other mobile phone restricted area. The call features including a speakerphone feature which allows the user to have a call over the handsets speakers & a vibration alert which lets the phone vibrate when a call or message comes in. The Sony Ericsson S500i is a stylish & desirable handset which comes with all the everyday features a modern mobile phone user could desire & that little bit more.

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