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Sony Ericsson p1 Review


Sony Ericsson p1 Review

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Sony Ericsson have announced the new Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone, which has surprised the world, largely because we all thought it was going to be called the P700i! In a break with previous numbering formats, the P1 replaces the existing Sony Ericsson P900i and P990i smartphones, and offers much better features in a smartphone that's 25% smaller than a P990.

Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone in profile The Sony Ericsson P1i should look familiar to regular readers of this site, largely because we've been showing leaked pictures of it for the past month, when everyone thought it was going to be called the P700i. But no, in a shock move, Sony Ericsson have named it the P1i.

One of the reasons the P1i is able to be so much smaller than the P990 is because it does away with the full QWERTY keyboard used in its predecessor, and instead includes a QWERTY keyboard with two characters sitting on each physical key. Depress a key to the left, and you get a Q, for example, while depress the same key to the right and you get an E.

Not sure how well this will work in practice, and I guess it'll tak some getting used to, but in case you don't, there's also an touchscreen with full handwriting recognition.

Multimedia Features of the new P1i.

Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone showing the P1i's camera The new P1i is no slouch when it comes to multimedia features either. It comes complete with a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and a business card scanner (yup - just take a picture of a business card, and the P1 will not only capture the image, but capture all the information on the business card as data that will automatically be placed into your contacts list). It also comes with a video camera and recorder, and supports not only video streaming, but H.264 playback for streaming mobile TV to the P1.


Streaming mobile TV? Won't that eat up mobile bandwidth? Well, it would if you choose to use its built-in 3G support (no HSDPA, unfortunately), but you can also choose to use its built-in support for Wi-Fi.

Add to that tri-band GSM, Bluetooth 2.0, InfraRed, and USB 2.0, and you can see that the P1 has most of the connectivity bases covered. Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone showing its browserThe Sony Ericsson P1 is looking like a smartphone crammed full of features. We'll post a review of the P1 soon to see how it compares with some of the other new smartphones that are coming on the market. I'm particularly keen to see it compares with Samsung's forthcoming new Samsung Ultra Smart smartphone, which not only looks stunning, it also has a full QWERTY keyboard rather than the dubious half-keyboard that the P1 supports.

Sony Ericsson, the manufacturer that pioneered the development of smartphones, today unveils the P1 as the latest addition to its P-series range. "In one sense the Sony Ericsson P1 is an evolution of our P-series smartphones, as it pushes forward the best attributes of its predecessors" says Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson. "At the same time there are also significant improvements in design, speed and battery performance."

Building on the feature set of earlier models, the Sony Ericsson P1 supports a wide range of push email solutions and Web browsing applications, plus connectivity via hi-speed UMTS and Wireless LAN (WiFi™). Add to this its compact size and multimedia capabilities and the P1 is the complete mobile office. It is based on the Symbian™ operating system (v9.1) and UIQ 3.0, an open platform that offers broad potential for multimedia applications from operators/carriers, content owners and third party developers.
  • Dual function keyboard - full alpha-numeric (e.g. QWERTY) text input combined with one hand phone usability
  • Choice of text input method including handwriting and word completion
  • Push email enabled including support for Exchange ActiveSync™ and BlackBerry® Connect™
  • Integrated WLAN and VoIP enabled
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with business card scanner
  • Large 2.6" touchscreen with a Transflective Display that is easier to view in bright light conditions

Push email and remote working

Always being connected while on the move is now a normal part of working life. The Sony Ericsson P1 gives you the ability to handle your corporate or personal emails, contacts and calendar wherever you are. It offers support for a broad range of push email services including Exchange ActiveSync™ and BlackBerry Connect and allows for remote wiping of email and PIM data; something critical in the event of the phone being stolen or misplaced.

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