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Sony Ericsson K810 Review


Sony Ericsson K810 Review

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Sonny Ericsson announced two new products, as a completion of their existent Cyber-shot™ phone family. The K810 is a high performance device with the same exciting 3.2 Megapixels camera but packed into a brand new design. The main obvious upgrades would be a slimmer body caused by a smaller active shutter cover and a brand new keypad whose buttons are rounded with concentric texture.

We have noticed the same comfortable level for the text input, by pressing # key pops up a full list of the available languages making it easier for the user to switch between them while typing. The Activity Menu contains four major tabs. The first one will display events like missed calls, memos and messages. The second tab is quite useful as it seems to be a sort of task manager, featuring a list of all currently running applications – one should be aware of the fact that the RAM can not bear more than 8 applications running simultaneously. The third tab enables the shortcuts, which you should configure your self. And the last one contains links to the most frequently used applications. The phone reacts and performs fast in every submenu and application. Some themes are preinstalled on the phone, when activated they will change the background color, the wallpaper and sometimes even the icons.


The phone book is easy is to use and you have the option of using either the SIM contacts or the phone contacts, bear in mind you will not be able to view them both simultaneously. Each contact can be submitted with several phone numbers and additional info, as address, email, IM number etc. Despite the fact that you have the ability of assigning up 5 numbers for one contact, the capacity of phone numbers is limited to 2500 entries with fully filled in fields, which should be more that enough for any active user.

Custom ring and photo can be attached to each contact from the phone memory. You can also add up to 40 voice tags for the selected phone numbers.
Contact Groups are useful only for mass SMS sending as binding custom ringtone or photo for Group is impossible.

You have the option of safe keeping all your entries in the phone book by creating a back up copy on the memory card.


All tools for messaging are basically the same just like any other phone from SonnyEricsson. Many helpful setting have been included for the MMS allowing you the freedom of literally creating video clips.

The Email settings are quite flexible and support for more encoding has been added. The device supports Push Mail standard but it will not recognize PDF or Office files yet you will be able to store them on the memory card.


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