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Nokia 3600 Review:

Nokia 3600 Review
Read free Nokia 3600 review & specifications before buy. This Nokia3600 review is based on a technical study of the mobile phone's technical specifications, it doesn't constitute an concrete hands on review. Unlock new Nokia 3600 mobile phone. It blueprints the strong and anemic summits of the mobilephone. Purchase accessories, memory card & USB cable in cheap price. The strongest summits are scheduled with a (+) symbol although the weakest summits have a (-) symbol ahead them. Find Nokia 3600 price, review & pay as you go plans. This Nokia3600 study is generated by design based on our specifications for that phone and since businesswomans do not forever feature technical specifications obviously, several news may be absent. Technical reviews guide you to choose cheap Nokia 3600 deals. It balances 4.6 littles. Use covers of Blue, black, red, white & silver color. This is now standard, there are several lighter phones on the market. Download free Nokia 3600 themes, games & softwares. (+) Camera: It features a camera (still and video), which is surely not essential so far may be well-located or lighthearted and advance your mobile experience. View new Nokia 3600 cell phone photos & camera result pictures. Astounded? So were we. Find video reviews, prices, features & specs. Whenever we got our appears at the latest 3650, the earliest item that came to brain was "What'd they do to it?" The fliers key pad is arresting. Test White 3600 Nokia features, tips & tricks at forums. Beyond doubt very sole and very Nokia. Download games, themes & PC Suite applications. Cosmetics sideways, the 3650 persists Nokia's folklore of producing a hard phone. Buy & sell used Nokia 3600 unlocked Phone. Packaged with the customary features and the normal digital camera and colour LCD, the 3650 is beyond doubt prepared to race with present market charity. You can Unlock Nokia 3600 SIM free. In ancient 2003, the 3650 twisted a predestination of skulls whenever word of the phone betrayed back in September, 2002. Read reviews, specifications & user manual. One cannot advantage however observe how Nokia's style for sole designs actually appears. Check Prepaid Nokia 3600 pay as you go deals & plans. The aside from the normal tetragon key pad is exciting - a craze ongoing by its antecedents. Sale & Buy Nokia 3600 accessories & cover in various colours. Intended to race with Sony Ericsson's P800, this phone bunchs now as greatly blow. Priced in the sub $400 variety, this phone isn't inexpensive. This phone phone is the best I have for myself invariably had, however thats not saying greatly b / c i had the anachronistic train nokia b4 this so it was a enormous pace up to this latest camera phone. It does have a ton of awesome features such as a converter(not just currency..everything also, span, duration, volume, energy, temp...and ne item also u require to change..), a composer(u can brand your own ringtones if u recognize music comments and material) a video recorder, audio recorder, and further.. The ringtones are actually cool,(polyphonic) and receiving on the internet on your phone is pretty cool 2. U can as well have plenty of friends and remain thumbnail pictures of your friends, it as well has voice appellations which are helpful. The handset is a elegant phone that is packaged with features, applications and choices. The phone enhances brilliant reception & voice quality and the phone is loud sufficient to work well still in loud background. The centerpiece of the cell is the broad variety of features that it presents, creation it an arousing and supple phone for all consumers. The high quality LCD (liquid crystal display) color LCD supports 4096 colors, with a resolution of 176 x 208 pixels. The phone’s memory can save over 300 high quality or 1800 portrayal imagery. It has strong backlit and key pad enlightenment, which though a helpful feature, unluckily leans to run the battery life blue. Phone we had the chance to review is the cellphone, a mobile phone that has been shaped to race the cell phone market. Free around 01 / 7 / 2003 the mobilephone supports the systems GSM (global system for mobile communications) 850 / 1900. Having a mass of just 130 x 57 x 26 mm and having a heaviness of just 130 g, this item´s dimension will satisfy its consumers. The mobilephone as well comprises a dominant camera of 0.3 MP / 640 x 480 px / Video Recorder. This phone lands with a 850 mAh Li Ion battery which let you talking for about 4.00 hours and closings in backup around 200 hours. Its makers included a 3.4 MB memory, now sufficient a usual utilize! An good choice of the handset is the speaker phone, which is forever helpful in loud places! The big LCD let inauguration of wall papers of 176 x 208 px. .

Nokia 3600


Nokia 3600 Specs

Network GSM 850 GSM 1900
Announced 17-Mar-03
Dimensions 130 x 57 x 26 mm
Weight 130 g
Type 12 bit
Size/Resolution 176 x 208
Alert Type (poly 24) MIDI Tones RealAudio
Customization Download
Vibration Yes
Handfree Handsfree Speaker
Internal Max User Storage: 3 MB
Unlimited Heap size
Unlimited Jar size
Type Standard, Li-Ion 850 mAh (BL-5C)
Still Images VGA Camera
Video Recording Yes, Video Support: 3GPP formats (H.263) MPEG-4 RealVideo
Data Speed Yes
Infrared port Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Browser WAP 1.2.1 XHTML
Messaging MMS
Games Yes
Java CLDC 1.0
JSR 120 Wireless Messaging API
JSR 135 Mobile Media API
MIDP 1.0
Nokia UI API
Others Handsfree Speaker
IMAP4 email
POP3 email
RealOne player
SMTP email
VGA Camera
Video recorder
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